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Imagine having one powerful web-based spreadsheet you can securely share with your whole team. Each user has their own little section of it, and you decide which sections each person can see or edit.

This means you can simply share a single HR management spreadsheet among many users, and control which users get to see which data. And it's all done securely online—so everyone's working on the latest version, and in real time. You could end your organization's spreadsheet nightmares overnight.

"SecureSheet is the absolute best HR tool I've ever used. Even if we had a perfect system solution, nothing could beat the flexibility and 'on the fly' capabilities."

Cheri Singer - Senior Analyst, Compensation. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Companies.

Scotts Miracle Gro

It's as simple as 1-2-3

Step 1: Upload
your spreadsheet.

Step 2: Customize
your spreadsheet.

Step 3: Share
your spreadsheet.

Your spreadsheet is now a powerful HR Management Tool.

And you're not alone. We can help you go live in hours with our amazing Quickstart Option.

As an example of incredible benefits, look at how SecureSheet streamlined a 1,000-user, annual Employee Performance & Merit process:

The OLD Process The NEW Process
Multiple spreadsheets were manually created and emailed to end users One single, shared spreadsheet is created from the SAP data—and no more emailing
Some unauthorized associates had access to sensitive data Associates view and edit only parts of the sheet that are appropriate for them
There were no effective controls to enforce data integrity All budgets, business controls, and security are enforced in the SecureSheet
There was no mechanism to monitor the status or progress of the data collection All activity is in real-time
Each spreadsheet was manually reviewed and sent back for revisions All updates and reviews are real-time in one centralized and controlled place
Spreadsheets were manually aggregated to calculate totals Totals are automatically aggregated
The process spanned several weeks Data collection takes minutes, the process is reduced to days
Not SOX compliant SOX compliant

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